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Heavy Cream

Biting Vase - Deep Blue

Biting Vase - Deep Blue


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The Iconic Biting Vase Bites Again

During the dark days of the great 21 century pandemic, Josh Divine changed things up in the art/sculpture domain with a sharp new art toy + lifestyle hybrid release. Living up to its name, Biting Vase features an elliptical resin base with two offset mouths filled with sharp teeth. Less character and more concept, the vase blends striking visuals with everyday functionality.Those looking for just the right shade for a particular room will soon be able to choose from several upcoming colorways including: the MunkyKing Exclusive Scarlet (Red Gradient), Bright Gray, Ghost Pink and Deep Blue. The new colors join the previously released OG White, Black and Seafoam.

This is definitely not your mother’s vase.



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