About Us

Josh Divine and Bradley Frank launched the new Heavy Cream art toy brand in order to make standout toys with artists from varied backgrounds. Known for his Crash art toy series (Astro Crash, Super Crash) and more recently his Biting Vase lifestyle project, Josh Divine brings his experience—formerly as part of Kidrobot—translating others’ art into toys as a designer, illustrator and sculptor.

An avid toy collector, Bradley Frank is an industry veteran with experience in making and promoting toys, most recently for MunkyKing. Both founders bring their talents to this new adventure of making toys they’ve always wanted to see from some of their favorite artists. Heavy Cream has several exciting art toy projects underway from a talented lineup including Luke Chueh, Josh Divine, Mike Egan, Kevin Scalzo, Felicia Chiao, Jasper Wong and more.

We are thrilled to introduce our latest venture, Heavy Cream Development Lab, dedicated to transforming your imaginative toy designs into tangible masterpieces. Explore our portfolio and array of creative solutions on our new website: HeavyCreamLab.com